Inclement Weather

Emergency School Closure

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Emergency school closure occurs when unforeseen circumstances such as broken water pipes, flooding, loss of power,severe weather, etc., warrant closure to be initiated during non-school hours. The decision to close the school is made through input from the administrators, our superintendent, and the Commander. An announcement of the closure will be broadcast on TV and/or radio, DNS, and through the base command units.

The DoDEA Notification System (DNS) allows for each school to contact all of their parents and/or staff with one phone message through an automatic dialing system. At the District level it allows a message to be sent to all parents and/or staff in the same method. This allows greater security and sharing of information with parents and staff. There is a Point of Contact (POC) at each location that has the necessary codes to access the system.

There are situations in which school may be canceled during school hours. Once again, this decision is made by the individuals stated above. Once the decision has been made to release students, staff members will alert all classrooms.Students who ride the bus will be released to board the bus at a set time. For those students who walk, ride a bike, or are picked up, they may be released once their parent/guardian has been contacted and agree with that process. If we are unable to reach a student's parent/guardian by the time teachers are released, the teacher will bring them to the office and the office staff will assist in contacting the parent. For these emergencies STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO LEAVE SCHOOL GROUNDS WITHOUT THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN BEING NOTIFIED. As stated before,please ensure all contact numbers are updated at all times with both your child's teacher and the school office.

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School Closure

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When hurricanes, snow or other severe weather conditions occur, it is sometimes necessary to cancel school, delay the opening of school, or dismiss classes early.

School Closings

On days when the West Point Schools (WPS) are closed due to inclement weather, the news media will make appropriate announcements. The decision to close the West Point Schools is made by WPS administration, in consultation with USMA, and is independent of other school districts, i.e., Highland Falls. School authorities in the surrounding communities may or may not close their schools. On days when weather is inclement, parents are urged to insure that school will be in session prior to dropping their children off at school.

AdHoc Notification System

School delays, closures, early dismissals and information about school events will be communicated to parents using the AdHoc notification system. AdHoc sends a recorded message to every telephone number listed in the school database so that parents will be sure to receive critical information. The only way to keep the message from going to a particular phone number is to remove it from the school database, which would mean that the number would not be accessible to teachers or other staff members.

Additional Information Resources

Check the additional sources on inclement weather days:

  • Television Channel: Post Command Channel 23
  • Special Post Weather Telephone Number: 845-938-7000
  • Radio Stations:
    • WGNY - 1220 AM
    • WHUD - 100.7 FM
    • WSPK - 104.7 FM
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